Click here for a map of Melrose, MA

Sanford from 160 Florence St. to Maple St.
Sargent from 97 Franklin St. to 21 Briggs St.
Sawyer Rd. from 62 School St. to 59 Lincoln St.
School from 276 Upham St. to 183 Porter St.
Sears Ave. from 71 Warwick Rd. to 25 Orris St.
Sewall from 98 First St. to 185 Upham St.
Sewall Woods Rd. from 222 Parkway to 156 Parkway
Shadow Rd. from 135 Washington St. to 22 Converse Ln.
Sharon Rd. from 19 Bancroft Rd. to 64 Woodcrest Dr.
Sheffield Rd. from 53 East St. to 313 Porter St.
Sherman Rd. from 130 Warwick Rd. easterly
Sherwood Rd. from 332 Porter St. to 25 Russet Ln.
Short from 843 Main St. to 61 Green St.
Sibley from Whitter to Cutter
Simonds Rd. from 153 Waverly Ave. to 401 Upham St.
Sixth from 366 Grove St. to 171 First St.
Slayton Rd. from Laurel & Waverly to 44 Stillman Rd.
South Ave. from 129 Walton Pk. to Stoneham line
South High from 7 Vinton St. to 26 N. High St.
South Mountain Ave. from 65 Lebanon St. to Malden line
Spear from 109 Park St. to Church & Hancock St.
Standish Rd. from 81 Prospect St. to 36 Pilgrim Rd.
Stanley from Windsor St. to Sweetwater St.
Staples from 483 Swains Pond Ave. to 34 Goss Ave.
Starbird from 22 Heywood Ave. northerly
Stevens Pl. from 19 Upham St. to Fields Ct.
Stevens Rd. from 166 Perkins St. to 80 Warwick Rd.
Stillman Rd. from Phillip Cir. to east of Slayton Rd.
Stone Pl. from pleasant & Washington St. to R.R. tracks
Stowecroft Rd. from Parkway to 40 Albert St.
Stratford Rd. from 211 Upham St. to 134 Porter St.
Summer from 43 E. Wyoming Ave. to 170 Linwood Ave.
Summit Ave. from 60 Botolph St. northerly
Sunset Rd. from Howard St. to 35 Cochrane St.
Swains Pond Ave. from Malden line to 355 Grove St.
Sycamore Rd. from 39 Slayton Rd. to Laurel & Slayton
Sylvan from Derby Rd. to 256 Lebanon St.