Click here for a map of Melrose, MA

Radcliffe Rd. from 225 Grove St. southerly
Ravine Rd. from 260 W. Wyoming Ave. to Stoneham line
Ravine Ter. from 251 W. Wyoming Ave. northerly
Reading Hill Ave. from 977 Main St. to beyond Fairview Ave.
Rendall Pl. from 124 Linwood Ave. to 45 Mystic Ave.
Renwick Rd. from 90 Richardson Rd. to Wakefield line
Richardson Rd. from 48 Henry Ave. to 94 Marvin Rd.
Ridgewood Ln. from 501 Upham St to 102 Altamont Ave
Rivers Ln. from Parkway at Saugus line southerly
Rockland from 10 South Ave. to Stoneham line
Rockview Ave. from 171 Main St. to 36 Mt. Vernon Ave.
Rockwood from 132 Sylvan St. northerly
Rowe from 82 Upham St. to 45 Green St.
Ruggles from 74 Howard St. 20 Damon Ave.
Russell from 98 Crescent Ave. 16 Lynde Ave.
Russet Ln. from north of Sherwood Rd. to 81 Ellis Farm Ln.
Ryder Ave. from 37 Gibbons St. to 150 Sylvan St.