Click here for a map of Melrose, MA

Park from 43 Linwood Ave. to 72 Whitman Ave.
Parker from 18 First St. to 93 Upham St.
Parkway from Stoneham line to Saugus line
Patriot Way from Penney Rd. Southerly
Pearl from 1025 Main St. to east of Virginia Ave.
Pebble Rd. from end to 374 Washington St.
Penney Rd. from Swains Pond Ave. to Malden line
Penney Hill Rd. from 197 Penney Rd. to Malden line
Perham Ave. from 182 Grove St. northerly
Perkins from Stoneham line to Parkway & Sewall Woods Rd.
Philip Cir. from 43 Mt. Hood Ter. to Stillman Rd.
Philpot Ter. from 29 Upham St. southerly
Pilgrim Rd. from 33 Wentworth Rd. to Standish Rd.
Pine from 40 Poplar St. to 24 Wentworth Rd.
Pleasant from Washington St. to 56 W. Wyoming Ave.
Plymouth Cir. from 39 Altamont Ave. southerly
Poplar from 108 Maple St. to 240 W. Emerson St.
Porter from 743 Main St. to Ellis Farm Ln.
Potomac from 239 Main St. to 106 Mt. Vernon Ave.
Potter from 21 Malvern St. southerly
Pratt from 185 Franklin St. to 48 W. Highland Ave.
Prescott from south of Hancock St. to 54 Temple St.
Prospect from 15 Poplar St. to Stoneham line