Click here for a map of Melrose, MA

Magnolia Rd. from 69 Bancroft Rd. to 118 Woodcrest Dr.
Main from Malden line to Wakefield line
Malvern from Linwood & Lynde to 88 Meridian St.
Maple from W. Foster &Vinton St. to Sanford St.
Maple Grove from 18 Swains Pond Ave. northerly
Maple Rd. from 167 Sewall Woods Rd. to 50 Warwick Rd.
Maple Ter. from 77 Swains Pond Ave. to Malden line
Marmion Rd. from Porter & School St. to 121 Country Club Rd.
Martin from 56 Maple St. southerly
Marvin Rd. from 463 Franklin St. to 132 Ashland St.
Meacham from 35 Spear St. to 31 Whitman Ave.
Meadowview Rd. from 300 Porter St. northerly
Melbourne Ave. from 17 Glen St. to 208 W. Wyoming Ave.
Melrose from 833 Main St. to west of Warren St.
Mendum from 21 Orris St. to 240 Melrose St.
Meridian from 95 Park St. to 277 Grove St.
Messenger Ct. from 88 Greenwood St. to R.R. tracks
Mill Rd. from 27 Mt. Hood Ter. southerly
Montvale from 44 Ryder Ave. westerly
Mooreland Rd. from 36 Hillcrest Ave. to 235 Porter St.
Morgan from 1098 Main St. to 63 Richardson Rd.
Mountain Ave. North from 65 Lebanon St.
Mountain Ave. South from 65 Lebanon St. to Malden line
Mt. Hood Ter. from 39 Slayton Rd. to 51 Slayton Rd.
Mt. Vernon from 283 Main St. to Brown St.
Mt. Vernon Ave. from 30 Sylvan St. to 17 Mt. Vernon St.
Mt. Zion Rd. from 180 Bay State Rd. to Wakefield line
Myrtle from 21 Grove St. to 62 W. Emerson St.
Mystic Ave. from 25 Gibbons St. to Lynde & Summer St.