Click here for a map of Melrose, MA

Lake Ave. from 62 W. Emerson St. to 20 Tremont St.
Lakecroft Ct. from 39 W. Emerson St. northerly
Larchmont Rd. from 214 Porter St. to Parkway
Larrabee from 300 Grove St. to 105 First St.
Larrabee Pl. from 430 Main St. westerly
Laurel from 425 Lebanon St. to Cricklewood Ln.
Leah from 201 Beech Ave. to Harold St.
Lebanon from Malden line to 782 Main St.
Ledge from 144 Bay State Rd. to Wakefield line
Ledgewood Ave. from 152 Main St. to 70 Derby Rd.
Leeds from 75 Otis St. to Youle St.
Leonard Rd. from 27 E. Foster St. to 63 E. Foster St.
Lincoln from 225 Upham St. to Parkway
Linden Rd. from 897 Main St. to 100 Porter St.
Linwood Ave. from 202 Sylvan St. to 121 Grove St.
Lodge Ave. from 184 Main St. to 108 Derby Rd.
Longfellow Rd. from 59 Glen St. to 23 Ravine Rd.
Lovell Rd. from 1067 Main St. to 155 Damon Ave.
Lynde from 331 Main St. to Grove & Lebanon St.
Lynde Ave. from 349 Washington St. to 176 W. Wyoming Ave.
Lynn Fells Parkway from Stoneham line to Saugus line