Click here for a map of Melrose, MA

Hancock from Church & Spear St. to 32 Prescott St.
Harding Ct . from 10 Harding Rd. westerly
Harding Rd. from 135 Porter St. to 23 Burrell St.
Harold from 16 Birch Hill Rd. to Leah St.
Harrison from 1160 Franklin St. to south of Rockland St.
Harvard from 15 Appleton St. to 55 Beech Ave.
Haskell from 20 Farwell Ave. to 32 Howard St.
Haverhill Pl. from 142 Green St. westerly
Hawes Ave. from 46 Boardman Ave. to 44 Hawley Rd.
Hawley Rd. from Main St. at Wakefield line easterly
Hawthorne from 72 Beacon St. easterly
Hemenway Ave. from 8 Maple Ter. to Malden line
Henry Ave. from 51 W. Highland Ave. to 103 Ashland St.
Herbert from 32 Myrtle St. to 125 Berwick St.
Hesseltine Ave. from 44 Howard St. to 45 Pearl St.
Heywood Ave. from 111 Main St. to east of Damon Ave.
Hickory from 15 Leah to 422 Swains Pond Ave.
High North from 26 Vinton St. to beyond S. High St.
High South from 7 Vinton St. to 26 N. High St.
Highland Ave. East from 1001 Main St. to 79 Hesseltine Ave.
Highland Ave. West from 996 Main St. to 14 Chipman Ave.
Highview Ave. from 223 Laurel St. to 359 Upham St.
Hillcrest Ave. from 304 Upham St. to 56 East St.
Hillside Ave. from 112 Upham St. to 78 Bellevue Ave.
Hillside Pk. from 2 Maple Ter.
Holbrook Ct. from 112 Green St. westerly
Holland Rd. from 290 W. Emerson St. to 367 W. Emerson St.
Hopkins from 80 Forest St. to 125 Lebanon St.
Howard from 147 Green St. to Saugus line
Howie from 45 Franklin St. to 14 W. Highland Ave.
Hunnewell from 33 Burnett St. to 12 Vista St.
Hunt's Ter. from 17 Forest St. easterly
Hurd from 45 W. Wyoming Ave. to 137 Florence St.