Click here for a map of Melrose, MA

Garden from 751 Franklin St. to 262 Melrose St.
Garfield Rd. from 174 E. Emerson St. to 135 Porter St.
Garland from 260 W. Wyoming Ave. to 39 Glen St.
Geneva Rd. from 139 First St. to 225 Upham St.
Gibbons from 77 Linwood Ave. to Ryder Ave.
Glen Ave. from 119 Linwood Ave. to 21 Mystic Ave.
Glen Rd. from Vinton & Upland to 67 Sewall Woods Rd
Glen from 50 Lynde Ave. to Fellsway
Glendale Ave. from 62 Hesseltine Ave. to Conrad Rd.
Glendower Rd. from 66 Whitman Ave to Hoover school
Gooch from 250 Grove St. to 143 Upham St.
Goodyear Ave. from 126 Washington southerly
Goss Ave. from 341 Grove St. to 63 Harold St.
Gould from 300 Pleasant St. to 243 Washington St.
Grandview Ave. from 22 Whitman Ave. to Echo St.
Granite from south of 252 Beech Ave. to Burnett St.
Green from 782 Main St. to Franklin square
Greenleaf Pl. from 58 Franklin St. southerly
Greenwood from 541 Franklin St. to Wakefield line
Greystone Rd. from 38 First St. to 177 Upham St.
Grove from 47 Berwick St. to Burnett St.
Grove Pl. from 107 Grove St. southerly
Groveland Rd. from 71 Converse Ln. to 42 Gould St.