Click here for a map of Melrose, MA

Fairfield Ave. from 251 Lebanon St. to N. Forest St.
Fairmount from 45 Appleton St. to 77 Beech Ave.
Fairview Ave. from 34 Farwell Ave. to 27 Reading Hill Ave.
Farwell Ave. from 165 Green St. to 14 Hesseltine Ave.
Faulkner Pl. from 406 Main St. westerly
Faxon from 108 Malvern St. to 251 Grove St.
Felicia Rd. from Fellsway to 30 Longfellow Rd.
Fellsview Ter. from 29 Mt. Vernon St southerly
Fellsway East from Malden line to Stoneham line
Felton Pl. from 52 Upham St. northerly
Ferdinand from 1156 Franklin St. to Stoneham line
Fern from Cliff Rd. southerly
Fields Ct. from 521 Main St. to Stevens Pl.
First from 465 Lebanon St. to 153 Waverly Ave.
Florence from 55 Russell St. to W. Foster & Vinton St.
Florence Ave. from 325 Grove St. southerly
Forest from Malden line to north of Willard St.
Forest North from south of Fairfield Ave. to 83 Park St.
Foster East from 481 Main St. to east of Waverly Ave.
Foster West from 484 Main St. to Vinton & Maple St.
Frances from 366 Pleasant St. to 80 Crescent Ave.
Franklin from 944 Main St. to Stoneham line
Franklin Ter. from 916 Franklin St. southerly
Frost Ave. from 15 Hawes Ave. to 74 Damon Ave.