Click here for a map of Melrose, MA

Damon Ave. from 10 Cochrane St. to 84 Bay State Rd.
Dana from Willard southerly
Dartmouth Rd. from 50 Bancroft Rd. to Woodcrest Dr.
Day from 62 Albion St. to 44 Ashland St.
Dell Ave. from 144 Grove St. to 41 Upham St.
Derby Rd. from Sylvan St. to Waverly Pl.
Dexter Rd. from Swains Pond Ave. at Swains Pond
Dills Ct. from W. Foster St. near Police station northerly
Dyer Ave. from 31 Warwick Rd. to 18 Sears Ave.


Click here for a map of Melrose, MA

East from 338 Upham St. to 247 Porter St.
East Emerson from 681 Main St. to 27 Lincoln St.
East Foster from 481 Main St. to east of Waverly Ave.
East Highland Ave. from 1001 Main St. to 79 Hesseltine Ave.
East Wyoming Ave. from 315 Main St. to Brown St.
Eastman Pl. from 525 Main St. to Stevens Pl.
Echo from 56 Whitman Ave. to Hoover school
Edgemere from 25 Ryder Ave. easterly
Edmund from 20 Church St.
Elliott from Appleton St. to 93 Beech Ave.
Ellis Farm Ln. from 76 Orchard Ln. to Porter St.
Ells Ave. from 1089 Main St. easterly
Ellsworth Ave. from 59 Ashland St. to 271 Tremont St.
Ellwood Rd. from 30 Nowell Rd. westerly
Elm from Linden & Parkway to 16 Howard St.
Elmcrest Cir. from 340 Porter St. southerly
Emerson East from 681 Main St. to 27 Lincoln St.
Emerson West from 680 Main St. to Stoneham line
Emerson Pl. from 88 W. Emerson St. southerly
Enmore Rd. from 23 Hillcrest Ave. to 14 East St.
Essex from 544 Main St. to 136 W. Emerson St.
Everett from 466 Pleasant St. to 102 Crescent Ave.