Click here for a map of Melrose, MA

Cargill from 51 Lebanon St. to Malden line
Carlida Rd. from 174 Howard St. to Cranmore Ln.
Cass from 172 Grove St. to 95 E. Foster St.
Cedar Pk. from 157 W. Emerson St. near R.R. station to 29 Vinton St.
Cedar Pk. North from 24 Vinton St. to W. Emerson St.
Cedar Pk South from 65 N. Cedar Pk. to 94 N. Cedar Pk.
Cedarwood Ln. From 109 Altamont Ave. southerly
Central Ter. from 32 E. Foster St. northerly
Charles from 267 W. Emerson St. to Parkway
Cherry from 81 Myrtle St. to 18 Willow St.
Chester from 38 Adams St. to 84 Trenton St.
Chestnut from 25 Mt Vernon St. to 22 Lynde St.
Chestnut Pk. from 39 Chestnut St.
Chipman Ave. from 421 Franklin St. to 109 Marvin Rd.
Chipman Ter. from 39 Chipman Ave.
Church from 104 Forest St. to Spear & Hancock St.
Circuit from 10 Hurd St. to 40 Hurd St.
Clarendon from 55 Fairfield Ave. to 71 Park St.
Cleveland from 163 W. Wyoming Ave. to Maple St.
Cliff from 237 Franklin St. to 76 W. Highland Ave.
Cliff Rd. from 51 Beacon St. easterly
Clifford from Elm & Howard St. to beyond Nelson Rd.
Clifton Pk. from 55 Woodland Ave. to 77 Woodland Ave.
Clifton Park Pl. from 39 Clifton Pk.
Clinton Rd. from 277 Washington St. to 14 Russell St.
Clover Cir. from opp 93 Maple St. southerly
Cochrane from 110 Howard St. to Arlington Rd.
Colby Ter. from 8 S. Cedar Pk.
Conant Rd. from Baxter St. to 50 Prospect St.
Conrad Rd. from 104 Cochrane St. to Glendale Ave.
Converse Ln. from 140 Pleasant St. to 200 Pleasant St.
Coolidge Rd. from 124 Boardman Ave. to Arlington Rd.
Corey from 17 W. Wyoming Ave. to 35 Grove St.
Corner from Bay State Rd. at Saugus line northerly
Cottage from 25 Russell St. to 216 W. Foster St.
Cottage Pk. from 84 Cottage St. easterly
Country Club Rd. from 246 Porter St. to 186 Lincoln St.
Cranmore Ln. from 153 Boardman Ave. to Carlida Rd.
Crescent Ave. from 259 Washington St. to 37 Everett St.
Crescent Pl. from 124 Grove St. northerly
Crest Ave. from 24 Melbourne Ave. to 36 Garland St.
Cricklewood Ln. from 22 Slayton Rd. to Laurel St.
Crystal from 792 Main St. to Melrose St. at Parkway
Cumner Ave. from 400 Grove St. to Beech & Swains Pond Ave.
Cushing Cir. from 19 Simonds Rd. southerly
Cutter from south of Baxter St. to 83 Sanford St.
Cypress Pk. from 79 Vinton St. easterly