Click here for a map of Melrose, MA

Baldwin Ave. from 316 Washington St. to 19 Aaron St.
Bancroft Rd. from 18 Woodcrest Dr. to 25 Wildwood Rd.
Banks Pl. from 78 Main St. to R.R. tracks
Bartlett from 30 Frances St. to 16 Everett St.
Batchelder from 92 Porter St. to 576 Lynn Fells Parkway
Baxter from 8 Cleveland St. to Conant Rd.
Bay State Rd. from 1147 Main St. to Saugus line
Beacon from south of Temple St. to 54 Echo St.
Beacon Pl. from 110 Grove St. to 6 Crescent Pl.
Beaumont from 11 Ryder Ave. westerly
Beech Ave. from 365 Lebanon St. to Oak St.
Bellevue Ave. from 133 Upham St. to 58 Linden Rd.
Belmont from 175 Melrose St. to 510 Franklin St.
Belmont Pl. from 28 Belmont St.
Berkeley from Fairfield Ave. to 57 Park St.
Berwick from 33 W. Wyoming Ave. to 166 W Foster St.
Berwick Pl. from 147 Berwick St. easterly
Beverly from 50 Porter St. to 122 Rowe St.
Birch Hill Rd. from 163 Beech Ave. to 9 Glendower Rd.
Black Rock Rd. from 9 Groveland Rd. to 24 Gould St.
Boardman Ave. from 1075 Main St. to Cranmore Ln.
Boston Rock Rd. from 117 Mt Vernon Ave. to 59 Mt. Vernon St.
Botolph from 938 Franklin St. to 15 Woodland Ave.
Bow from 23 Sycamore Rd. to 109 Sycamore Rd.
Bradford Pk. from 24 W. Emerson St. southerly
Bratley from 37 Lebanon St. northerly
Brazil from 72 Washington St. to Malden line
Briggs from 1062 Main St. to 30 Morgan St.
Broadway from Route 1 to Malden line
Brookledge Rd. from 231 First St. to 313 Upham St.
Brown from 80 Mt. Vernon St. to 87 E. Wyoming Ave.
Brunswick Pk. from 310 Vinton St. to 174 Melrose St.
Burnett from Sycamore Rd. to 418 Grove St.
Burrell from Parkway & Linden Rd. to 44 Marmion Rd.