Click here for a map of Melrose, MA

Aaron from 354 Washington St. to Fellsway East
Adams from 71 Russell St. to 170 W. Wyoming Ave.
Ainsworth Pl. from 15 Tappan St.
Albert from 69 Oldbrook Cir. to Parkway
Albion from 85 Melrose St. to 140 Franklin St.
Alden from 20 Cottage St. to 95 Trenton St.
Allen Pl. from 42 Berwick St.
Altamont Ave. from 477 Upham St. to Saugus line
Angela Cir. from 58 Slayton Rd. northerly
Apple Hill Rd. from 90 Orchard Ln. to Saugus line
Appleton from 317 Lebanon St. to Elliot St.
Apthorp Rd. from 683 Franklin St. to Clifton Pk.
Ardsmoor Rd. from 378 Upham St. to 285 Porter St.
Argyle from south of Beech Ave. to 278 Grove St.
Arlington from 31 Park St. southerly
Arlington Rd. from 154 Boardman Ave. to Cochrane St.
Ash from Gibbons St. opp. Mystic Ave. southerly
Ashburton Pl. from 53 Greenwood St. to R.R. tracks
Ashcroft Rd. from 213 First St. to 295 Upham St.
Ashland from 95 Melrose St. to Wakefield line
Ashmont from 320 Pleasant St. to 52 Crescent Ave.
Ashmont Pk. from 26 Ashmont St. southerly
Atkinson Ter. from 190 Washington St. southerly
Auburn from 141 Melrose St. to 20 Ellsworth Ave.
Avon from 123 Green St. to 25 Elm St.