Melrose Fire Headquarters

Fire Headquarters is located at 576 Main Street. The station was built in 1895, and has changed very little from that time. The small narrow front doors were designed for the horse drawn apparatus that were housed there. Even the hay loft door still remains in the rear of the building along with a beam that the hoist was attached to for raising the hay to the second floor. One can still find grain feed that has filtered down inside the rear walls. The front doors were modified by the spring of 2000 to accommodate the larger size equipment that we now run with. HQ normally houses the Chiefs office, the Fire Prevention Office, Fire Alarm, Ladder 1, Engine Five (Brush Truck manned when needed), Car 2 and a Cataldo Ambulance Paramedic Unit. The station's manning varies from 16 to 24 firefighters made up from 4 shifts with the Captain in Car 2, an officer and 2 to 3 privates on the Ladder per shift depending on manning and one private in Fire Alarm.

Ladder 1

Ladder 1 is a 2007 Seagrave 110' Tractor Drawn aerial ladder.

Engine 5

Engine 5 is a 1999 Ford F-350 4wd fitted with 8 hsp Brigs & Straton pump, a 300 gal booster tank and an 8' Fisher plow.

Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm Office