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Berkeley, California

Camp Pendleton, California

Coast Guard SAR
Los Angeles, California


Coast Guard SAR
San Diego, California

Emergency Medical Technician, California

Escalon, California

Eureka, California

Fairfield, California

Fort Bragg, California


Linda, California

Los Angeles, California

Mesa Grande, California


Orange, California

Palmdale, California

Pasadena, California


Salinas, California

Salton Sea Beach, California

San Bernardino, California



San Diego, California

 San Diego, California

San Francisco, California

Nasa Ames Research Center
San Jose, California

North Tahoe, California

San Mateo Co., California


San Rafael, California

San Rafael, California
Fire Commission

Santa Barbara Co. California




 Sycuan, California

 Ventura County, California

Warner Brothers Studio, California

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