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We regretfully announce the death of Firefighter Leonard Winslow Ret. who passed away on Friday, April 30. Lenny retired in 1983 after more than 32 years of service. Even after his retirement he stayed close to the members as a result of being the night and weekend security man for the Levi Gould Retirement Home. It was his job to let the firefighters and EMT's in to help residents who where in need of medical care. He was always asking how things were going on the job and, much to their dismay,continued to refer to the newer members as "rookies" even though some of them had over 10 years on the job. His legacy will no doubt be painting of all the fire alarm boxes in the city a few summers ago, which unfortunately included painting most of them shut. :)  Click on the obituary for funeral arrangements. Love you Dad, you will be dearly missed.


Condolences go out to the family of Firefighter Roy Loveys Ret. FF Loveys was appointed to the department in June of 1947 and retired in March of 1980. Roy spent most of his career on Ladder 1.  (obituary)



Condolences also go out to the family of Chief Clarence (Murray) Stanley Ret. who passed away January 16. Chief Stanley was appointed to the department December of 1962. He was promoted to Lieutenant in September of 1971, to Captain in April of 1974 and to Chief in February of 1989. Chief Stanley retired on December 4, 1992.



Erick's 1 year anniversary, a probie no more.

Our deepest condolences also go out to the family of Capt. Erik Ulwick (active) who passed away Friday November 13, 2009. He was 28. Erik was the son of retired Melrose police officer Wayne R. and Diane E. (Renaud) Ulwick of Wolfeboro, NH formerly of Wakefield. He is also survived by his brother Chelsea Fire Lt. Wayne R. Ulwick Jr. of Newburyport. Capt. Ulwick was appointed to the Fire Department in May of 2001. He was later promoted to Lieutenant in July of 2007 and then to Captain in May of 2009 where he was assigned as shift commander of Group 2. (obituary)




Welcome Aboard

Over the last few years several new members have joined the Department. They are:

Peter Grant - March of 2010

Sean Keleghan November of 2009

Kevin Nobile - May of 2009

Scott Carlson - May of 2009

Derek O’Leary - May of 2009

Marc Constantine - May of 2009

Michael Carpenter - May of 2009

John McCarron - May of 2009

Eric Christopher - July of 2008

Paul Collina - October of 2007

Stephen Judge - July of 2007

Kenneth MacIntosh - July of 2007

Mark Hall - March of 2007

Alan Johnson - January of 2007

Robert McVoy - July of 2006

Jonah Hadley - July of 2006

Christopher Dillon - July of 2006

Paul Lepore - June of 2006


Congratulations to the following members on their recent advancements, they are:

Lt. Rich Fink to the position of provisional Captain - December 2009

FF Chris Walsh to the position of provisional Lieutenant - December 2009

FF Paul Collina to the position of Lieutenant - June 2009

FF John Morneault to the position of Lieutenant - May 2009

Lt. Jamie Gibson to the position of Captain - July 2007

Lt. Ed Collina to the position of Captain of Fire Prevention - February 2004

FF Michael Sullivan to the position of Lieutenant - December 2003

FF George Farr to the position of Lieutenant - December 2003

Lt. Chris Leary to the position of Captain - December 2003

Capt. John O'Brien to the position of Chief - August 2003

FF Derry Madden to the position of Lieutenant - October of 2002

FF Jim Winslow to the position of Lieutenant - October of 2002

Lt. Robert Kendall to the position of Captain - September of 2002

FF Dan White to the position of Lieutenant - February of 2002


The following men have anniversaries of employment in April.

FF Charles Ebert - 24 years

Capt. John White - 23 years

Lt. Jay Morneault - 10 years

FF Bob Driscoll - 8 years

FF John McCarron - 1 year

FF Michael Carpenter - 1 year

FF Marc Constantine - 1 year

FF Derek O'Leary - 1 year

FF Scott Carlson - 1 year

FF Kevin Nobile - 1 year


We wish the following men good luck on their retirement, they are:

FF Neal Jones - June of 2009

FF William Trudeau - May of 2009

Capt. Steve Jancsy - February of 2009

FF Ed Grossheim - August of 2008

Lt. Kevin Sherman - March of 2008

FF Neil Sullivan - August of 2007

FF Ed Kelly - November of 2005

FF Jeff McCarthy - October of 2005

FF Dave Goodwin - August of 2005

Capt. Bob Ward - June of 2005

FF Bob Brown - July of 2004

FF Richard Olsen - April of 2004

Capt. Robert Spindler - October of 2003

Lt. Warren George - October of 2002

Lt. Phil Petrino - September of 2002

FF Frank Ferdinand - September of 2002

Chief Frank Zinck - July of 2002

Lt. Nick Andreottola - January of 2002

FF Gary Manchester - May of 2001

FF Kevin Kelley - May of 2001

FF Mike Madden - October of 2000

FF Jim Meehan - February of 2000

FF Bob Griffin - February of 2000

FF Michael Grogan - January of 2000

FF Paul LeBlanc - January of 2000